L&S is a company that was born out of necessity, and became a passion. During the economic downturn, Adam Conklin, a home builder with a second child on the way, knew he had to do something. The economy was tanking, the bills were piling up, and nobody was building houses. As the country was entering the great recession, Adam began to research construction jobs in search of something recession-proof. What he found was that the number of necessary home improvements such as roofing and gutters being done were actually on the rise. People were unable to sell their homes due to falling property values, so they were making the improvements needed to weather the storm. It was a perfect opportunity. Adam had done roofing before, he had no fear of heights, a natural ability to move around on steep inclines, and he had a love for hard work, so a roofing company made perfect sense. Adam called his brother Matt, a finish carpenter, feeling the same effects of the economic downturn, and L&S was born.

Both Adam and Matt are dedicated family men who, from their unwillingness to fail their families, found great opportunity in the midst of economic disaster. They hired the best roofers, put in grueling hours, a ton of hard work, and discovered a passion for the industry. Since then, they’ve installed thousands of roofs, created dozens of jobs, and made L&S a household name when it comes to roofing.

Adam was asked why he still focuses on roofing, after the economy has picked back up. Here’s what he said:

“There are a lot of people counting on me for their jobs. I take responsibility for that. I love roofing, and I can give my family a great life. Why would I do anything else?”

When you hire L&S to install your new roof, you’re not only hiring a great company with a passion for doing things right, you’re hiring the best. This isn’t just another home improvement company, this is the American Dream.


Hard Work and Hustle

If you’re looking for an honest, hard-working American business owner, look no further than Adam Conklin. With a undying concern for quality, and a heart-felt drive to outwork anyone, Adam leads his crew from the front, and it shows. When you meet Adam, you’ll know right away that his passion for his business comes from much more than money. He is driven by a devotion to his two young girls, a genuine love for working outdoors, and a burning need to provide work for the people on his team. When he’s not on the roof putting in work, Adam loves daddy daughter dates, go kart racing, rock climbing, sporting events, and as one of six siblings, anything competitive. Adam is a hard worker, and an all-around great guy. With someone like Adam Conklin at the helm, you can rest assured your roof will done project will be done beautifully. So as he walks you through your final inspection, make sure you shake his hand and thank him for being a true man of integrity., and a real American success story.

Mission Statement:

At L & S Home Improvements LLC., our mission is to provide high quality workmanship and service to both commercial and residential consumers throughout the community. Dedication and professionalism guide us towards a position of leadership in the roofing industry. Building collaborative relationships with our customers through honesty and fairness is a direct principle, in addition to obtaining a high level of satisfaction in all areas.


Proficient in

  • Residential and Commercial asphalt roofing.
  • Tear-off
  • Re-roof
  • New construction
  • Re-decking
  • Peel and stick
  • Smart vent
  • Drip edge vent

Custom metal work including but not limited to
  • Chimneys
  • Flashing
  • Counter flashing
  • Fascia


  • Michigan Residential Builder’s License
  • Maintenance of workmen’s comp and liability insurance
  • Completion of 60 hour builder’s license course
  • Capability to provide professional/personal background check
  • Certified Master shingle applicators through CertainTeed
  • Dedicated and skilled 8 man crew
  • Ability to work every pitch
  • Excellent ground clean up
  • Accurate implementation in timely-manner


We provide all equipment, tools and supplies necessary for job completion with direct transportation of all equipment to every site.

  • 14’ 2015 interstate trailer
  • 14’ box truck
  • Roll air compressors
  • Magnates
  • Blowers
  • Tear-off bars
  • 10’ break
  • Saws and cords
  • Nail guns and hoses
  • And much more!