Do I need a new roof

Do I need a new roof

Let’s take a look at the roofing questions every homeowner should be asking about their roof.

1. Is there roofing maintenance I should do to my roof?

One of the things may need to do to your roof is clear it of debris. Especially if your roof is near many trees, where branches, leaves or pine needles build up on the roof. Roofing is very susceptible to damage if these types of things are left on the surface of the roof.

2. Do I need a new roof?

Curling shingles near the end of the lifespan

A. There are some common roofing indicators that can tell you that you need a new roof. Curled shin- gles happening when asphalt shingles have been over heated due to poor roof ventilation, or at the end of the life of the roof.

Streaked shingles cause roof to look terrible and no longer dissipate heat properly from the roof

B. Streakiness on a roof could mean that the roofing on the roof is losing the roof granules and causing the roof to fail.

Roofing shingles have blown off exposing the roof deck below.

C. Many homeowners find themselves doing several roofing repairs to their roof when shingles blow off the roof, or roofing being lifted from the roof by normal winds. What is actually happening, is that the shingle sealant that is on the bottom of each roofing shingle is dried out, causing the shingles to blow off the roof very easily. These roofing shingles are at the end of their life and it is time to re- place the roofing.

If you are experiencing any of these roofing issues with your roof, it is time to start looking into a new roof for your home. Keep in mind that roofing is not all the same. Shingles vary, products and under- layment vary, the roof’s quality will be dictated by the roofer who installs your roof. We are certified roofers through Certainteed, the number one producer of roofing shingles, products and underlay- ments since 1904. We trust their roofing materials to our own roofs and your roof too.

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