Why Siding is so Popular in 2020

Why Siding is so Popular in 2020

Until recent years, vinyl siding was known as the cheap way to finish an exterior. Now, it is quickly becoming the go to for builders and the most popular way to remodel the exterior of your home. Quality siding companies are often months out on installs and still can’t keep up with demand for vinyl siding installs. So, what happened?

There have been several changes made to vinyl siding in the past several years. Here is a list of why it is better, last longer and has a better appearance than siding did several years ago.

  1. Darker, deeper vinyl siding colors

In the past vinyl siding could only be installed in light, plain colors like yellow siding, white siding, beige siding, or light green siding. Now, quality vinyl siding contains titanium dioxide mixed in with the PVC (vinyl) that makes up the siding. This allows for much more resistance to fading siding, rippling siding, or melting siding due to exposing the vinyl siding to the sun. It also allows the siding to be installed in much darker colors that vinyl siding buyers love.

  1. Stronger, better vinyl siding extrusions

Extrusion technology of vinyl siding is much better than it was in years past. This allows for manufacturers such as Mastic to use much more vinyl per square inch of siding to make the vinyl siding much stronger. This way, the siding will last a lot longer without the vinyl chipping or cracking.

  1. Additional insulation

Contrary to the way many builders used to do siding, just nailing the vinyl ,siding directly to the outer, wood decking of the home, now a quality vinyl siding installation will include the installation of a closed-cell foam board insulation behind the vinyl siding. This protects the vinyl siding against impact like a rock from the lawnmower hitting striking the vinyl siding and cracking the siding after the installation is complete.

If you are planning to get vinyl siding installed on your home, make sure they are doing the three things we mentioned above. This will ensure that your vinyl siding last many years after installation. If you would like a quote from us on your vinyl siding project, fill out the form and we will be happy to put you on the schedule.

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